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Anne Sussman founded Mindfulness Meeting Place to lead mindfulness training for individuals and organizations motivated to find a better way of being. The scientific research is now undeniable, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are proven to change your brain, your emotional wellbeing and provide tangible tools to manage stress.

In 2009, Anne Sussman went to a meditation and chanting class near her hometown of Maplewood, NJ and loved it so much that it became her sacred hour of the week. Anne went back to school (after 30 years!) attending the McLean Meditation Institute to become a MMI-Certified Meditation Instructor, and then went on to become a MMI-Mindfulness@Work trainer, so she could share the tools that helped change her life profoundly. Out of that training, she founded Mindfulness Meeting Place.

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"I have been doing my morning meditation every day. It has helped me to calm down and be kind and not react. That’s is huge for me.” - Brenda

"I have been meditating daily …and I'm not sure I can explain what's different about my life now, but...it's much, much better. " - Kathy

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